About Business First Hosting: Oklahoma's Premier Hosting Company

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Business First Hosting is a division of Wheat Communications, LLC,
an Oklahoma based technology and Internet Marketing company.

We at Wheat have been providing businesses with powerful, reliable, responsive hosting for almost 15 years. And, we are good at it.

We know our clients, their needs, and even what they need that they do not YET know they need. We are here to keep our client's website up, loading quickly into the browser, and provide them with robust, excellent email services.

Hosting is not just a sideline to us: it is a MAIN focus - a MAIN emphasis.

Why do we host our client's sites? Years ago we knew that when we put a website up on our server - it was reliablly UP - VISIBLE to all looking for it. And, we knew that only certain scripts would run on it - thus keeping our client's data safe.

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