Why PURL's?

purls2cPeople ask us - "Why use a Personalized URL (website page) with my direct mail campaign?"

The answer is in the question: because it's PERSONALIZED.

They also ask us - "What's the ROI (return on investment) vs. typical direct mailings?"

The answer: studies range from the minimum of DOUBLING the response to quadrupuling the response. So, we say, expect at least double the response from your normal direct mailing.



How Does It Work?

Glad you asked; here's how it works. First, we build your small website or just the page that the person will see.Then, we integrate it with the database so that they see their name in a greeting at the top of the page. Something like:

"Hi, Barbara!" (OK, so MY name is "Barbara", and I'm a bit fond of it so I used it in my example.)

Then, we include the information and call to action on that website page. Do you want them to print out a coupon and come in? Do you want them to fill out a short form and submit it, then receive a special offer? What is it you'd like them to do?

And, the beauty of this whole thing, is that you can use all the tools available to you from the Internet. You can use that short form we discussed, have them sign up for something, send them to another website, send them to your Facebook page then have them do another task there.

I've personally engaged in one very interesting personalized URL in which I went through 4-5 stages of activities, each with it's own useful reward. It's common knowledge that ENGAGING a potential customer or client helps solidify that relationship.

So - use your imagination! Use those skills you've learned in your business! Use the knowledge you have about your customers and/or clients. Combine them with our knowledge of how to work with online databases and websites - and you have a golden opportunity.




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