Possible Trade Out of Services

Thank you for your interest in trading professional services with Wheat Communications, LLC.

Wheat is a full service, highly knowledgeable company that truly enjoys helping other small businesses get more business. We specialize in all types of Internet Marketing. We can help you with your company’s:

  • Professional Website: updating how it looks and making it Mobile Phone FRIENDLY.
  • Search Engine Marketing: helping you get found on search engines.
  • Social Media Marketing: placing you in the best social media activities for your business.
  • E-Newsletters & Client Retention Programs: designing and writing.
  • Better Reputation Marketing: helping boost your online profile.

We are currently seeking to trade out services and products with a professional grade plumbing company. You can inquire with us about one or both services. We’ll need the following services:

  1. New shower pan and tile job/ new show pan and shower.
  2. Properly connect main sewer line to city line – it’s moved off of the part that lines it up properly with the city line.

Please fill out the form below if you are interesting in submitting an application to trade out services for either one or both services.

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What type of Internet Marketing are you interested in? Please choose all that apply.

What have Internet Marketing has been already done for your company?

What were the results?

Please give us 3 references. We’ll also supply you with references.

Do you recommend trenchless service for the line?