Content Management Systems You Can Edit and Add to Yourself!

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We specialize in open source, portable, content management systems. Allowing the customer flexibility of design, project management, and fee structure. Content management systems allow the client to change their content, add pages, and add/change photos. They are usually in template format - that means you will choose from a variety of styles. Once the client chooses the style, it can be customized to their requirements. We also put on security pack features.




We have a full, robust, exciting content management system that allows you to do EVERYTHING a content management system should let you do PLUS:

  • Opinion Polls
  • Stock reports
  • Weather conditions
  • Variety of photo gallery effects
  • Forms


WORD PRESS (A type of content management system)

A Wordpress is a simple to edit, simple template type of content management system. The set up is quicker, less costly, and takes less time. The client usually finds this to be very easy to edit. There are less features than the other content management system that we offer, but it looks good and does great work for our clients.