First: Make a Plan

When first starting to blog, set yourself up at least one plan. In this plan, you may want to include:

  1. Goals

  2. Times to post

  3. Ideas to post about

  4. Gather information, make notes, do sentence fragments to fit those ideas

  5. Write up your ideas, keeping them short, fresh and personal. Personal. Personal.

  6. Connecting to other Social Media

  7. Graphics?

  8. Measuring your efforts


You can have a few goals set up - but be careful of setting up too many. Perhaps starting with 1-3 goals will keep you focused and from becoming over whelmed or over worked. (We don't want your blog to become the "Never Ending Christmas Letter"!) State them in a time frame and a way you can measure.

  • Ex: I want to have 3 categories with 5 posts done within one week.

  • Ex: I want to learn how to post to my facebook account when posting to my blog.

  • Ex: I want to learn how to hand comments or no comments settings.

Times and Locations to Post:

You may need to set aside a time to post to your blog. Set it up, perhaps, as an appointment and don't deviate from it or it may get set aside in that same type of pile that MY FILING gets set it! (Grin) Also, select a time in which you are fresh and able to write without a lot of interruptions or distractions. This is different for many. Also - choose your place/location to do this posting. Again, this is different for many. For example, my husband (the "Word Smith") can post and write with the TV on in the background! I must have silence and know I will have 30 min. of uninterrupted time.

Set up Ideas or Categories About Which You'll Write:

  • Ex: How to write blogs

  • Ex: How to get started writing blogs

  • Ex: parameters for comments on and comments off

Gather Ideas, Sentence Fragments:

Some of the most effective writing occurs after brainstorming of ideas and sentence fragments. Don't get bogged down with grammar yet. Just lay out topics, some basic thoughts on each. You can email yourself thoughts during the week. Or, use the Post Its! Find topics online to go with your ideas and categories. JUST DON'T COPY SOMEONE ELSE'S STUFF!

Write Up Your Ideas: Fresh, Personal:

A blog is a very "social" type of writing expression. You want folks to follow your posting, to feel engaged with you. I've written many a research paper, and - oh boy oh boy - but a blog is NOT a (yawn) research paper. It will have "tone" -- your you speak...a very personal touch to it.

You'll want to keep it short. Ex: this is actually a rather long post...but then...I wanted to keep it all together. I could have actually broken each heading down into it's own post...but I didn't!

Connecting to Other Forms of Social Media:

You'll want to consider connecting to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or even an e_newsletter. I'll write more about that in another post...see Categories on the right to find more.

Inserting a Graphic:

Always a good thing - ASSUMING IT GOES WITH YOUR POST ---- and is NOT copyright infringement! If you don't have a graphic - try colorizing some text like I've done here. Remember, readers may be doing TWO other things while reading your post - so help them navigate and understand the content by creating interest and sections of the post.

Measuring your efforts:

You can have different manners of measurement. Just write the results down for yourself. Perhaps keep an Excel spreadsheet (for the organized folks), or notations elsewhere.
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Welcome to the technology blog of Wheat Communications, LLC.

In this blog you'll find a full range of information about Internet Marketing -- and, yes, even traditional marketing. So, read our posts, post your comments - and let's all learn from each other! (By the way, in case you're wondering: this type of blog post is set as "sticky" so it stays "stuck" here at the top!)
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Comments on a Page?

You can allow comments on a page or not allow them. In the discussion section select how you wish to handle comments.

Here's more information:
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Tips to Increase Your Blog Comments

SocialMedia Examiner has some tips to increase your blog comments. But - watch out, they have a popup that loads in immediately upon arriving at their site.
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Here's a great plugin to help you work on your SEO for your blog.

You can configure meta-data (that's the stuff viewer don't necessarily see but search engines do see) in your posts, pages, categories, etc. You can define your tags, keywords, meta descriptions, site name, and more. You can even add Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, and more...I seem to keep typing that phrase "and more"...well -- truly -- it's "AND MORE". Love it! (And, please understand that I make part of my living from doing Search Engine Optimization.) (Their website has a video demonstration...go video directions! Yeah!)
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W3 Total Cache

Some say this is the top plugin you should use. Why?

It makes your pages load in more quickly...but hey - read the description on's a good, full description.
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WP Security

Here's something nice to increase the security of your WP (WordPress) site:

Here's an article about keeping your WordPress secure
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You Need a Mobile Website

We'll get right to the point. You need a mobile website. Period.

  1. Fact: Mobile Internet will soon overtake fixed Internet (Morgan Stanley)

  2. Fact: 87 percent of Americans have mobile phones (Experian)

  3. Fact: 43% of consumers use their browser to access the Internet on their phone (Human Factors International)

  4. Fact: 68% of consumers said that if they knew a business had a “made-for-mobile” version, they would prefer to visit that instead of seeing the standard “desktop” website on a mobile phone (Human Factors International)

  5. Fact: Google reported a 400% increase in the number of mobile searches in the last year. In fact, they say currently about 20% of its searches are mobile searches.

  6. Fact: Your competition will soon have a mobile website.

It would be nice if our businesses didn't have to adapt to new technology. If we could just float along and make our customers and clients adapt to our out-of-date business model. It would be nice......

But that "nice" just won't cut it anymore. Just like you needed a website to compete, you now need a mobile website to compete. Period.

But there is one more important fact: a mobile website is surprisingly affordable.
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QR Codes- What Are They? How To Use Them?

Raise Your QR IQ

More and more people are starting to associate the codes with action,

image002 image001
“Smartphone interactive, scan here.”

but never assume your customers will know what to do. Make it a point to spell out how to scan the code, and help instruct customers on where they can grab scanner apps. Also, remember that digital codes should provide some kind of value to the scanner. It may be easiest to direct digital code scanners to your website, but remember that it also can be used to map your location, add your contact information to their phone, and more.
Try them...

  • On business cards: A fast and simple way to use digital codes for your own professional purposes is to place them on business cards. Generate a barcode that directs scanners to your online resume, small business Facebook Page or your website to help new contacts find you or your business faster.

  • On marketing materials: You’ve got fliers, brochures, programs, handouts, whitepapers and a myriad of other materials in your media kit. Add codes to direct viewers to a particular how-to video, get them to follow you on Twitter, or point them to a mobile-friendly landing page that promotes a new campaign. For inspiration, check out what the Detroit Red Wings* did with the codes in their arena programs.

  • In storefront windows: Google is sending out decals to top local businesses with Google Place Pages.

  • For freebies: If you really want people to pay attention to your digital codes, make them good for something fun. Say you’ve placed a code decal in your storefront window, why not reward those who scan it with 10% off their purchase or a free pastry? Give them something small to thank them for their patronage.

  • For networking events: They provide a quick, reliable way to add contact information to your smartphone.

*The Detroit Red Wings linked their code to a video. In tracking this effort, the Wings have found mobile devices to be the #1 viewing medium fans are using to see videos accounting for an overwhelming 22% of fans viewing linked videos nearly 2,000 times all the way through.
Call us for more information: 405-755-8187 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Manage Multiple WordPress Logins

Hey - quick note here. We're partnering with a technology company for whom we'll be distributing a cool, time-saving product: a WordPress multiple site log in piece of software!

This software will allow you to log in with ONE log in to MULTIPLE WordPress sites that you manage.

Check back soon for updates and information!
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You might look at trying HootSuite for managing multiple social profiles.

Here's some info about can:

Manage multiple social profiles
Schedule messages and tweets
Track brand mentions
Analyze social media traffic

The free service for HootSuite. OK if you have up to 5 social network accounts

Basic - FREE
Free Quick Reports
5 Social Profiles *
2 RSS/Atom Feeds
Ad Supported
* Limit of personally added social networks. You can have access to unlimited social networks as a team member.

Pro -$5.99/month
Unlimited Social Profiles
1 Free Team Member *
1 Free Enhanced Analytics Report
Google Analytics Integration
Facebook Insights Integration
Opt out of Ads
Archive Tweets
Unlimited RSS Feeds and more...

Here's a link to their site:
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Videos as Social Media

Talking heads, animations walking across a website, and audio files...all geared to engage the listener/viewer and (hopefully) get a desired response.

Videos are really hitting their stride these days. I remember back to the early days of website development in which you had a choice of two things: an expensive (thousands of dollars) video for your site or the home-grown version that was shall I say it...something the dog would not bother dragging outside!

Now, however, there are more resources for the do-it-yourself video. And, they don't HAVE to look terrible. However, we still recommend for clients that if you want a video talking to your clients about your services: Have A PROFESSIONAL DO IT FOR YOU! (If you need one, we have 3 we can recommend.)

Why a video? Well...the link to a blog video below talks more about why you should have one. Basically:

  • More personal

  • Our culture is used to watching TV: so seeing you discuss things with them is more readily comprehended...assuming your message is well written and the video is done well.

  • If someone is trying to determine whether to use your services or not, seeing you talk to them may help break down any hesitations or any fear/anxiety on their part.

Here's the blog video link:

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How to Set Up For a Video

A friend of mine, Jay -- owner of JJH Media, writes a great blog about video techniques. Here's the link:


This fellow has some good information:
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Fancy Text Widget

From Codecanyon - this widget gives:

  • 10 fancy pins, tapes & icons

  • 10 beautiful handwriting Google fonts

  • 6 fancy background textures – wrinkled paper, sand paper, paper with lines …

  • adjustable corner shadows

  • works in any sidebar

  • over 1,000 possible graphical combinations

  • unlimited background and font colors with color picker

Here's the link: Click here
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A Resource for Code

CodeCanyon has a lot of resources...not too expensive either!

For WordPress plugins and such: click here
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Thinking of Adding a Popup?

With options, options, and options:

I know that popups can be very annoying, but they can actually work well to help promote whatever you're trying to promote -- and generate leads...This one does it well!
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Sidebar Widget

Want to control what widget you put in a page? With this widget, you can determine which widgets appear in the sidebar area of any can create different sidebars for different pages, determine it based upon category, page placement, etc. Cool, eh? This one helps make your site stand out from the run-of-the-mill blog.

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Tweet Old Post Widget

Tweet Old Posts is a plugin designed to tweet your older posts to get more traffic to them.

Tweet Old Posts randomly picks your older post based on the interval specified by you. The primary function of this plugin is to promote older blog posts by tweeting about them and getting more traffic. This helps bring "back to life" some of your older tweets by sprinkling them in with your newer ones.

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Cools Sidebar Floating Social Icons

Those cool sidebar floaters that keep your HOT HOT links right in front of the viewer's eye...they are great to help direct traffic to certain pages and places.

Here's a great WordPress plugin that gives you that ability. Lot of options; add any link to a button, left or right scrolling, similar to, can display all social sharing buttons...and more...
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Here's an SEO Trick: Smart Links Within Your Site.

This Plugin provides automatic SEO benefits for your custom keyword lists, nofollow, automatically link keywords and phrases within your posts..and more.
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