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Wheat Communications, LLC was founded in 1997 as Wheat Publishing Group, Inc and provided both Internet and desktop publishing for companies. Prior to that time, Paul Cardin worked for many businesses, non-profits, and government agencies helping them with websites and various Internet topics.

Since he had been online - well, since you could - he was able to help government agencies, businesses, and other groups learn how to PROPERLY conduct business on the Internet. Since that time, he has developed websites, provided SEO services, developed Internet Marketing portals, developed online databases, and has been the brains behind the operation!

Barbara Cardin helped Paul start Wheat Publishing Group. Since 1997 she has developed websites, provided SEO services for companies, taught companies about how to safely conduct business "on the web", and marketed their company to the community.

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And, our 4th team member is our Miniature Schnauzer boy "Buddy". He guards the space under Barbara's desk and makes sure all visitors feel welcome. We'll add his bio and update job description soon also! He's one of the 9 Miniature Schnauzers we've had and is our most "interactive" doggie! 

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