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"Wufoo" – what an odd name for a web based form creation application. But I used to make fun of the names "Yahoo" and "Google" too. Guess who got the last laugh there…

Anyway, we've been building forms for client websites for a long, long time. We have our own dedicated web hosting server and, until now, we preferred to run forms on that server. We liked the control. But we didn't like the hacking.

Online forms are one of the most vulnerable aspects of a website. Hackers are determined to crash through any security barrier to get at your forms. And it's costly for us to keep one step ahead of the hackers.

But Wufoo has come to our rescue. And to yours. Your form will reside on Wufoo's server. And so they get to hassle with all the security issues. Wufoo, has implemented a smart captcha system that tries to automatically detect abusive behavior and only show a captcha test in those situations. So 99% of your users will never have to squint and type again. And those hacking evildoers will have to hack somebody else's form. But enough about our issues.

What Wufoo offers is a very easy method of creating online forms. Both the small and the complicated. It has a drag and drop interface that allows you to create a form in minutes.

And it's free. At least it's free if you only want 3 forms with 10 fields on each form. And, really, that should be enough for a small business. You also get tons of templates and plenty of notification options. But for just $30 monthly, you can get unlimited everything plus some really, really great stuff.

Wufoo has a Rule Builder that allows you to create dynamic forms that will follow logic that you've specified to perform certain actions like showing and hiding fields, skipping certain pages or emailing specific individuals based on the selections the user makes while filling out your Wufoo forms.

And your form visitor can upload files. And you can turn any form into an order form and link to several payment gateways.

We like it so much, we're converting all of our clients' forms to Wufoo.

So Yahoo for Wufoo.

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