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These 2 Top Bloggers Do NOT Allow Comments.

Most people consider allowing comments to their blog as simply the way you do things. But, there are some very important things to consider. Here's a few of my own thoughts:

  • If you have a website under your company name, or a company website, comments can reflect upon your company.

  • If you want to allow comments: you may want to check the setting so that you have to approve them first before they are made public.

  • Some social media fans/proponents feel you should allow all comments to come in live to encourage community, sharing, and interaction. If you have a business blog, I really don't think this is a good idea. What is said on that blog can and will reflect on you and your company.

2 top bloggers do NOT allow comments on their sites. Zen Habits and Seth Godin do not allow comments on their blogs. AND - these are among two of the biggest blogs out there!

Here's a page that presents a debate on whether to allow or not allow comments.
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